2019 Sprinter 170" with Flatline Van Co. Products

Our friends at The Mountain Standard finished building this beautiful 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170”. They outfitted it almost exclusively with Flatline products, and we are super excited about how the build turned out. Here's a quick gallery and rundown of the Flatline products they used.

Flatline Van Co Sprinter 170

Make: 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170” 

The Exterior of the 2019 Sprinter in Pebble Grey features the Low Pro Series Roof Rack, which makes it easy to mount solar panels and other accessories while still giving it a sleek and aerodynamic look. The Fiamma F80 Awning utilizes our mounting kit which allows you to mount the awning without having to cut or fab the Low Pro Roof Rack. The Double Kink Side Ladder follows the lines of the van and makes it easy to access the Low Pro Roof Rack and anything else that’s placed on the roof. To finish off the exterior, the factory wheels got a fresh set of Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 265/75-R17 tires for an aggressive look and off-road and on-road performance. 

Exterior Products

Low Pro Roof Rack - Sprinter 170" Fiamma F80 Awning on Sprinter 170"

Sprinter Van Side Ladder

The Sprinter is designed to fit seven people comfortably if the bed panels are stacked in the back, and it has everything a family needs for a fun weekend at the coast or on the mountain. We love how they incorporated our Craftsman Series products, which are designed to work directly with the Adventure Wagon Interior Kit. The Bamboo and Flat White color option give it a roomy feel and modern look.

Starting near the front of the van, you’ll find two sets of 48” Upper Cabinets for overhead gear and food storage. Directly underneath the cabinets sits the 41” Galley. As you approach the rear of the van you’ll notice additional storage that’s created by utilizing a set of one of our newest products, the Wheel Well Cubby. The Cubbies are great for storing blankets, sleeping bags, and other items that need a home near the back of the van. Directly above the Cubbies, you’ll find the 3-panel Sprinter Bed System that’s compatible with the Sprinter Camp Pad for a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep. 

Interior Products

Sprinter Van 48" Upper Cabinets Sprinter Van Bed System

Sprinter Van Step Extension

41" Galley with Engel Fridge for Sprinter Vans

Sprinter Van Wheel Well Cubby Adventure Wagon Interior Kit

Sprinter Van Table

Woven Marine Vinyl Flooring - Sprinter Van Sprinter Van Electrical Box

Sprinter Van Electrical Control Panel



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    Where did you get the flooring material to match the stock Mercedes floor to use for the step extension

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