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Products for DIY'ers and Pro Builders

We believe in building the best possible gear for your adventure van at a competitive price. Give us a shot and you’ll find out why DIY’ers and Professional Upfitters love our premium parts and accessories.

Flatline Sprinter Van Cabinets

There’s a pretty good chance you might see one of our rigs parked at Mt. Hood Meadows on a powder day, or camped out on the sand at the Oregon Coast. We started Flatline Van Co. because we have a passion for the outdoors and adventure vans allow us to spend more time doing what we love. To us, this isn’t just a business, it’s our lifestyle.

Meet The Founders

Silas Thurman


Silas bought his first Sprinter Van in 2010 to travel domestically with his wake athletes - it was the ideal rig for carting around riders to events, filming spots, and contests. That sparked his Adventure Van idea, pushing him to create parts for the van out of necessity. After years of hearing and seeing the demand and need for these parts, he started Flatline Van Co.

Kevin Callahan


Kevin combines his extensive product design, development, and branding background with a deep passion for the outdoors and action sports. His journey from a vital role at a premium lifestyle brand to expertise in sheet metal manufacturing culminated in 2018 when he joined Silas to kickstart Flatline Van Co., blending his industrial design skills and operational insight. As the Head of Brand, Kevin is instrumental in shaping the company's growth and product excellence.

Jake Ballard


Jake leverages his decade-long experience growing eCommerce businesses in the outdoor and marine sectors. He joined Silas and Kevin to help expand FVC's presence online. You'll find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife, daughter, and dog in their Sprinter when he's not developing campaigns or managing website projects. Their favorite Oregon stops are Pacific City, the Alvord Desert, and Hood River.

Our Ambassadors

Travis Rice

Pro Snowboarder

For Travis Rice and his family, having an adventure van means going wherever they want – from family camping trips to surf missions on the coast - without sacrificing comfort or style.

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Aaron Blatt


Aaron's Ford Transit adventure van is his home base when he's on the road. His journeys have allowed him to capture incredible moments on world-class mountains while exploring new destinations and landscapes. With a knack for capturing stunning moments at just the right time and place, Aaron brings a unique perspective to his photography that stands out above the rest.

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Michelle Parker

Free Skier

Michelle’s passion for skiing has earned her recognition as one of the top female freeskiers in the world today. As an ambassador for our brand, Michelle will be sharing her adventures in her Ford Transit with us through social media and video content - giving viewers an exclusive peak into what goes into becoming an elite-level skier. We are proud to have such an inspiring individual represent us!

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Josh Letchworth - Sprinter Van

Josh Letchworth


Letchworth is a Florida native passionate about conserving the outdoor playground that is the Sunshine State.
When he's not busy shooting photos for some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry, he's hanging out with his family or exploring one of Florida's many waterways in search of the big one.

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Fred Pompermayer


If the swell is world-class, there's a good chance you'll see Fred in it. He's been documenting big wave surfing for over a decade, and his photos have graced the cover of just about every surf magazine.
Based out of Southern California, Fred can explore all up and down the West Coast with his family in their Sprinter van.

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Why Do We have Ambassadors?

Our ambassadors, a dynamic mix of athletes, artists, and influencers, do more than just use our products; they push them to the limits. Their feedback is invaluable, leading to innovations that genuinely meet the needs of adventure van owners.

Travis Rice with Lib Tech Surfboard
Aaron Blatt Photographer
Man standing outside Sprinter Van
Furthering The Mission

The journey with our ambassadors is a two-way street. While they help us refine our products, we empower their adventures with cutting-edge gear and accessories for their rigs. Join us as we venture into the future, guided by those who know it best – our Ambassadors.


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