Travis Rice with Lib Tech Surfboard


We believe in supporting athletes, artists, and influencers living and breathing an active outdoor lifestyle. These partners help us build better products and unlock solutions for adventure van owners.

Travis Rice

As a world-renowned snowboarder and adventurer, Travis Rice brings a unique perspective and exciting energy to Flatline.

We are thrilled to have Travis as a ambassador and look forward to working with him to create unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Aaron Blatt

He loves nothing more than chasing down the next shot, and he's been doing it for years. A self-proclaimed "road warrior," Blatt has captured some of the ski & snowboard world’s best images while working with the biggest brands in the space.

We are excited to have Blatt onboard in a Ford Transit. He's putting the new Transit gear to the test as he travels all around North America.

MIchelle Parker

Michelle Parker is a professional skier known for tackling big mountain terrain. She has more films, medals, and accolades than we can list here, but trust us when we say she's a badass - or, go check out her web series with Red Bull: Originate and see for yourself.

Fred Pompermayer

If the swell is world-class, there's a good chance you'll see Fred in it. He's been documenting big wave surfing for over a decade, and his photos have graced the cover of just about every surf magazine.

Based out of Southern California, Fred can be found exploring all up and down the west coast with his family in their Sprinter van.

Josh Letchworth

Letchworth is a Florida native passionate about conserving the outdoor playground that is the Sunshine State.

When he's not busy shooting photos for some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry, he's hanging out with his family or exploring one of the many waterways Central Florida has to offer in search of the big one.