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It's wonderful. Super easy install

The ladder is great and super easy to install into your OEM roof rails!

Low profile roof rack

What an awesome rack. Looks great! Easy to install and well laid out. Creates some wind noise but add on fairing should fix.

Nice Rack!

It’s badass. Fits perfectly. Easy to install.

5 star product 4.5 on options and instructions

Received and mounted up my new Flat line rack on a 2020 ford transit 350 hd DRW ext. over all and as the tile said the product is 5 stars no real issues and everything was as advertised, shipped promptly and looks good. My only feedback which is as much on me as it is on flatline is that it would be nice to have a little more guidance on getting the user to stop and think about the layout of the rack and mounting of the accessories before the installation. id also love to see them offer more 80/20 accessories and mount options on their site as i have had to go out and research and figure out additional resources to work out my configuration and mounting options. Id also add a request for a fairing option with light bar mounting options as an accessory id like to buy. Again the rack it self was 5 star, really easy to assemble and followed exactly their basic instructions to a T. i also mounted up a fiamma 45s 400 awning, super easy fit and all. I will tell others that that seems to be the biggest you can get on this rack but it still won’t allow it to come forward enough to truly cover the edge of the slider opening.

Roof rack

Excellent product! Love the look and how easy was to install it

Easy install, amazing product!

Video installation guide on website was on point! My girlfriend and I watched it once and installed in under an hour. Definitely would recommend!

Great product, easy to install!

Fantastic quality, easy install. I’m tall, and so was a little concerned about the shelf being a concussion magnet, but thus far, that concern seems unfounded. The extra space is perfect for sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and other ungainly things. The ability the add L track fittings is super nice, and I appreciate the clean finish and absence of overt branding (the campfire icon is cool). FVCO has been great to deal with from a customer service perspective. Highly recommended product!

Exactly what we were after!

After a lot of research we decide to go with the FVCO low profile roof rack for our Ford Transit van. It was a very easy set up especially after watching the video and reading some of the reviews that had some great tips on the installation. Can't wait for the ladder and front fairing to be in stock as they are great additions to an already great product!

Sweet ladder!

After waiting patiently for inventory to build up, I quickly received my ladder after ordering. Ladder is great. No complaints so far. Install is generally easy and straight forward. Some feedback:

* make it clear what order the nut, washer, side rail, ladder, and bolt should go (for dummies like me). I put the washer on the ladder side of the side rail, which resulted in my over tightening the nut and smearing into the pill slot of the side rail. Alternatively, you could provide two sets of washers (one for either side of the side rail). I tried to fix the situation but I think I actually bent the bolt, so i can’t get the nuts off to add a washer in the correct place.
* comment on potential rust and sealing strategies in the self-tapping screw region. As I understand it, rust isn’t that much of a concern resulting from the self-tapping screws, but I tried vacuum as much as I could then applied spray on flex seal all around the area where water could get in.

Great piece. Fast shipping.

Super easy install. Took maybe 30 minutes. Feels sturdy and looks great. Any wind noise isn't noticeable at all while driving. Super fast shipping, unlike some other companies that let you know last minute that it may take four months to receive it. Really enjoy working with flatline so far.

2 Pack Low Pro Extra Crossbars - Transit

The boys

Great service

Absolutely awesome rack!

I had been eyeballing all the different available racks for these Sprinter's for over a year now and came to the conclusion that I really wanted this low profile style. I couldn't be happier with this decision! It literally took my wife & 15 year old son & I just over an hour to install (dad was on the ladder). It turned out great! Now to order solar and figure out a nice flooring for a couple of chairs.

Simple, Easy to install

Easy adjustable for all sorts of roof configurations. Easy to install (did solo). Hardest part was having to redial holes in my roof cause the factory ones weren’t aligned which is on Ford. May have to come back for the elevated bars, ladder and front fairing depending on noise!

Almost unbelievable service!

I have been communicating with Russell about all the things I am interested in for my Sprinter build and they have been totally cool about the information regarding availability and shipping. The rack arrived three days after I ordered it!
I appreciate the “less is more affordable “ but I think they have very good design ideas and their products reflect that!
Thanks, Flatline!

Low Pro Roof Rack - Sprinter 170"

I’m sure your product is great. We want to add a awning to it soon but We don’t get our van for another 10+ weeks. We’re pre buying. Thanks jb

Amazing rack

100% self installed. Super easy, strong as hell as totally adjustable. Biggest issue was stock and waiting! Ladder installed easily as well with the new bracket. Would buy again and recommend it over single piece racks any day.

Quick and Easy

The rack arrived and I got my 10" ladder to reach the top of out new 2021 Ford Transit High Roof Extended van. It was very easy to install but I'm disappointed the front fairing is still not available and our Fiamma canopy is not arriving for awhile. My solar panels do arrive tomorrow so I'm glad I have the rack completed to start the next phase. Great communication with you guys, thanks and get busy making those fairings.

2019 MB Sprinter - The PERFECT Bed System

I searched high and low for the perfect bed system and looked at everything you're likely looking at before I pulled the trigger on this one. Absolutely no regrets, couldn't be more happy with the purchase. I don't have the Adwag rails but I did put in vertical L-track that these are mounted to which works incredibly well. We sleep two kids on top and two adults on the bottom. Rock f@#*ing solid. No rattles anywhere when we're on the road and each panel is held in by two bolts which are easily removed when I'm hauling larger items. L-track mount points built in everywhere on the bed which obviously make for great tie-down points but also for mesh hanging shelves underneath the bed. We put in two of these underneath the top bunk which have been awesome for books, clothes, phones, etc.

My other friends that have a similar adventure van setup wish they had gone this route, their beds rattle, offer less flexibility, etc. Thanks flatline for making the dream setup!

2019 MB Sprinter - Fully compatible with Draw-Tite 75549 Max-Frame Receiver, 2"

My sprinter didn’t come with a hitch and I was looking for aftermarket options that were a direct bolt on and didn’t require drilling into the frame, and this step fit perfectly!!! Rock solid build and super grippy…I’ve been in snow, ice, rain, mud - you name it - and haven’t slipped once whether I’m in ski boots or flip flops. This should be on your must-buy list.

Bed system plus other goodies

I installed the adwagon rails before installing the sprinter bed system. I wanted the platform panels as high as possible so I have to only do one simple mod to the panels. I drilled holes about 1 inch forward of the rivet nuts so the panels could be move toward the front of the vehicle.. 1 inch. That allowed me to raise the platforms to a height of 54 inches measured from the floor to the bottom of the platform. That is my ideal height and what I was looking for. Overall, great quality and solidly constructed. BTW, I also installed their low pro roof rack with the Fiamma F80s kit and the side ladder. I am awaiting their faring to complete the top end. peace. Gabe

Amazing engineering and quality

I did my research and settled on the Lo Pro Rack for my 148" Mid Height Transit van. But when I wanted to order they were sold out.....but there was an option to get a text when they got back in stock. NO KIDDING ----- I got a text a week and a half later telling me the rack was in stock, I ordered it, and it was delivered within two weeks. Wow! On the advice of others, I waxed my roof, which took an hour, and in the next three hours did the complete install - by myself. Everything lined up perfectly. The build is super solid. The customization of the bar movement is so sweet. It made it easy to bracket my Max Fan. Now on to the solar panel measuring and installation, and upper deck construction. Thanks FVC, for such amazing customer service and an even more amazing roof rack.

Great Service by Russell

Russell took our order over the phone and was able to mail it out the same day. Ewe received the next day! Great Service! Terry

Amazing ladder!

Very awesome and easy to install ladder. Love it. Thanks FVC!