Winnebago Revel: 8 Must-Have Upgrades

Are you the proud new owner of a Winnebago Revel camper? Congratulations! The Winnebago Revel is designed for people who love the outdoors and want to explore with all the comforts of home (We are looking at you, bathroom 😊).

Whether planning a week-long vacation or hitting the open road for an extended journey in your van, there are a lot of must-have Winnebago Revel upgrades that will help make every part of your trip more enjoyable, convenient, and fun. Our must-have list includes items suited to make your adventuring easier and add style and personalization to your rig. So grab a cup of coffee and browse our list - we promise it won't disappoint!

Winnebago Revel Upgrades

Upgrade Your Roof Rack For Extra Storage & Functionality

An upgraded roof rack is essential for maximizing the storage capacity of your Winnebago Revel camper van. With limited space inside the Revel, a reliable roof rack becomes valuable for carrying additional gear and equipment, and catching an epic sunset or two.

At Flatline Van Co., we offer upgraded roof rack options for the Winnebago Revel - most Revel owners go with our Safari Rack. Our roof racks are built to last, using lightweight aluminum to ensure longevity and reliability. 

Regarding storage solutions and customization options, our roof racks offer a range of possibilities. You can choose from various accessories to attach to the roof rack, such as cargo boxes, storage boxes, or mounts for outdoor equipment. This versatility and integrated tie-down points allow you to configure the roof rack setup based on your specific needs and preferences.

Upgrading your Winnebago Revel's roof rack with our premium options can significantly expand your storage capacity. 

Increase Your Comfort by Investing in a Quality Mattress

A restful night's sleep is crucial for enjoying your camping adventures - nobody likes the grumpy guy in the lift line. The quality of your mattress is vital in ensuring comfort and rejuvenation during your travel and will make your van much more enjoyable. A comfortable mattress supports your body and helps alleviate pressure points, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for the day's activities. Investing in a high-quality mattress is a worthwhile upgrade that can significantly enhance your overall camping experience.

By upgrading your Revel mattress to a custom option that matches your preferred firmness level, you can transform your Winnebago Revel into a cozy haven, providing you with the comfort and rest you deserve after a day of outdoor exploration.

Upgrade Your Winnebago Revel Ladder

If you're the proud owner of a Winnebago Revel, you already know how much fun it is to get out there and explore. However, as with most vehicles, there's always room for improvement. One popular upgrade for Revel owners is adding a side ladder.

The factory-installed rear ladder may suffice, but why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your Revel with a Wheel Wrap Side Ladder? This ladder is designed to improve the aesthetics of your van and give you easier access to your roof rack. With a wheel wrap side ladder, you can enhance the overall experience of your camping trips and expeditions, ensuring that every adventure to your roof is safe and enjoyable.

Winnebago Revel Exterior Upgrades

Add a Rear Door Storage Platform

The rear door is an obvious choice when optimizing storage space in your Winnebago Revel. With the addition of our Rear Door Storage Platform, you can transform this area into a valuable storage solution.

Designed specifically to work with the Winnebago Revel, our rear door platform is a game-changer. It utilizes the open space on the back door when removing the factory rear ladder, offering a practical and convenient storage solution for various items. This platform is intelligently engineered to maximize storage capacity without compromising accessibility or functionality. The platform is not only functional but also visually appealing, enhancing the overall look of your Revel.

Experience the benefits of increased storage capacity, improved accessibility, and enhanced organization. With this innovative storage solution, you can make the most of your outdoor adventures while keeping your Revel clutter-free and ready for whatever comes your way.

Get Off Road Ready with a Suspension Upgrade

A capable suspension system is more than necessary for off-road and overland adventures with your Winnebago Revel. The suspension is crucial in providing a comfortable ride, maintaining stability, and ensuring optimal performance on uneven terrains. Upgrading your suspension can significantly enhance your off-road experience, allowing you to tackle rough trails confidently.

The upgraded suspension systems from VanCompass and Agile Offroad offer a range of benefits that greatly enhance your driving experience.
You can expect improved ride quality with an upgraded suspension, as the enhanced components help absorb bumps and vibrations more effectively. This translates to a smoother and more comfortable journey, reducing driver and passenger fatigue even on rough terrains.

Handling is another area where upgraded suspension shines. Upgraded shocks and springs provide better control and responsiveness, allowing for more precise steering and improved stability.

By upgrading your suspension, you unlock the full potential of your Winnebago Revel for off-road exploration. You can confidently embark on overland adventures while enjoying better comfort and control.

Upgrade Your Wheels & Tires

If you plan on doing any serious off-roading in your Winnebago Revel, you must invest in a set of off-road wheels and tires. Off-road or all-terrain tires are designed to provide better traction and stability when driving on loose or uneven surfaces. They also typically have a more aggressive tread pattern than regular tires, which helps to improve traction even further.

Upgrading the wheels and tires offers several benefits that greatly enhance your driving experience. Firstly, a larger and more rugged set of off-road tires provides increased traction on various surfaces, including gravel, mud, and rocky terrains. This enhanced traction allows your Winnebago Revel to confidently conquer challenging landscapes, reducing the risk of getting stuck or losing control.

In addition to improved traction, upgrading your wheels and tires can enhance the vehicle's ground clearance. Opting for larger diameter wheels and tires raises the height of your Revel, providing additional clearance over obstacles like rocks, tree roots, or uneven terrain. This increased ground clearance allows you to navigate off-road trails more comfortably and reduces the chances of damaging your vehicle's undercarriage.

Overall, upgrading your wheels and tires is a significant investment that directly impacts the performance and off-road capabilities of your Winnebago Revel. Choosing rugged off-road tires and durable wheels enhances traction, increases ground clearance, and improves handling. These upgrades empower you to confidently navigate diverse terrains, making your off-road adventures more exhilarating and enjoyable. 

Add Offroad Lights

Visibility is paramount for a safe and enjoyable experience during off-road excursions at night. Adding off-road lights to your Winnebago Revel provides a range of advantages that greatly enhance visibility in low-light conditions. These lights are specifically designed to illuminate the road or trail ahead, ensuring you have a clear view of obstacles, potential hazards, and wildlife.

A sturdy and reliable mounting point is essential to add off-road lights to your Winnebago Revel. We offer Nudge Bars designed for the Winnebago Revel, which serve as an ideal mounting point for off-road lights. These nudge bars are expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate with the front of your Revel, providing a secure and stable platform to mount your off-road lights.

Our Nudge Bars serve as a functional mounting solution, adding a rugged and stylish look to your Winnebago Revel. They are constructed using Aluminum to withstand the demands of off-road adventures, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Winnebago Revel Nudge Bar

Add a Rear Tire Carrier to the Back of your Revel

A spare tire is essential for peace of mind regarding off-road adventures or long-distance travel. However, if you upgrade to a larger tire size on your Winnebago Revel, the factory mounting location may not accommodate the larger spare tire. This is where a tire carrier becomes necessary.

Rear tire carriers provide a convenient and secure solution for storing your larger spare tire. It ensures that the spare tire is easily accessible whenever needed. With a tire carrier, you can confidently carry a spare tire that matches the size and specifications of your upgraded wheels on the back door of your Revel van.

Flatline Van Co. offers rear tire carriers specifically designed for the Winnebago Revel, providing a reliable and stylish solution for storing your spare tire. Our spare tire carriers are engineered to seamlessly integrate with the rear of your Revel, offering a secure and easily accessible storage option.

Our tire carriers offer several features and benefits that make them a practical addition to your Winnebago Revel. One key advantage is their ease of use. The tire carriers are designed for simple and hassle-free installation, ensuring a quick setup process. Improved accessibility is another significant benefit of Flatline Van Co.'s tire carriers. By relocating the spare tire to the rear of your Revel, you create more space underneath the vehicle, allowing for additional fuel or water storage. Additionally, having the spare tire mounted externally provides easier access, eliminating the need to get under the van to access the spare. 

With our tire carriers, you can confidently upgrade to a larger spare tire and ensure its secure and accessible storage on your Winnebago Revel. The ease of use, improved accessibility, and stylish design of these tire carriers make them an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking convenience and reliability on their adventures.

Upgrading Your Revel For The Ultimate Camping Experience

Customizing your Winnebago Revel with the right accessories can make it more enjoyable and help it stand out. From upgrading your roof rack for extra storage capacity to investing in a quality mattress for a better night's sleep, each addition brings unique benefits to the table.

Incorporating these eight top Winnebago Revel accessories into your camper van allows you to elevate your adventures and make the most of every journey. Embrace the freedom of customization and embark on unforgettable experiences with your perfectly tailored Winnebago Revel.

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