Ford Transit 148 High Roof Safari Rack
Transit Roof Rack - Side Angle View
Ford Transit Safari Roof Rack
Transit 148 High Roof - Roof Rack
Ford Transit Roof Rack and Side Ladder
Ford Transit Safari Rack Decking
Ford Transit 148 Mid Roof Safari Rack
Transit Safari Rack
Transit Safari Roof Rack Details
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Transit Safari Rack

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Are you looking for something with a more aggressive footprint than our Low Pro Series Roof Racks? The Transit Safari Rack is designed to fit the bill. 

Our Transit Safari Rack comes with built-in Aluminum decking that's L-track compatible. As with all of our products, the construction is the highest quality. We are using a 1-1/4" round bar, and the decking is 3/16" Aluminum that's laser cut to allow for L-track stud mounting points, so you can easily mount up solar panels, MaxTrax, storage boxes, and other gear for your adventures. 

The custom laser-cut decking system allows the Builder or DIY'er to cut a fan in where ever they need and add the provided trim ring once they are done. Long gone are the days of waiting weeks or months for a custom fabricated roof rack to arrive. Safari Racks ship out within 48 hours and most are delivered in less than a week. 

Our Transit Safari Rack features built-in mounting brackets for a Fiamma F45S roof mount awning providing full coverage on those rainy days. We recommend this style of awning if you’re trying to stay dry.


  • The Transit Safari rack weighs 150-185 lbs. so it's easily lifted with pulleys and a winch or a forklift. 
  • 1x Fan trim ring is included with the rack - additional trim rings are available here
  • Brackets for mounting the Fiamma F45 Awning are included with the rack. 
  • Brackets for mounting the Transit Side Ladder are included with the rack. 
  • Compatible with most Roof Top Tents (RTT's)
  • View the Installation Guide »

148" High Roof

  • Overall Dimensions: 121” x 63.375”
  • Usable Length x Width: 115.188” x 60.875

148" Mid Roof

  • Overall Dimensions: 135.5” x 63.375”
  • Usable Length x Width: 129.625” x 60.875”

148 High Roof Ext.

  • Overall Dimensions: 144.5” x 63.375”
  • Usable Length x Width: 138.625” x 60.875”

Want to have a Certified Builder handle the installation? Click here and enter your zip code to find a local installer that can receive and install your Safari Rack. 

Attention Canadian Customers: Sorry, we currently don't have any shipping options available for this item.


The Transit Safari Rack is made from 1 ¼” Aluminum round bar and features a 3/16" thick laser cut decking with strategically placed L-track compatible mounting points. Everything we design is built to live with your van for the life of your van.

Our Transit Safari Rack is the perfect place to catch the sunset and store all your extra gear.

Ford Transit Roof Rack under bridge
Transit 148 High Roof Safari Rack

The Safari Rack is versatile and designed to accommodate lights and an awning. Mount up the Fiamma F45S awning for protection from the sun or rain, and add lights or a light bar to brighten up the trails at night.

All Safari Racks come standard with built-in mounting plates for the Fiamma F45S and other wall mount style awnings.


Unlike other companies, we stock our products and have live inventory on our website - when it says it's available to purchase, we have it sitting in our warehouse. In stock Transit Racks ship out for free within 1-2 business days.

The Transit Safari Rack is a large item. It ships via freight, so we highly recommend having a forklift or friends ready when it arrives. If you don’t have that option, we recommend visiting our Certified Installer page and setting up your delivery and installation through them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eric a.C.
Great Way to Make Additional Outdoor Space!

We got our FVC Safari Roof Rack almost 6 months ago now and are nothing but pleased with the quality of this product! Everything about it is finished, durable, and above all comfortable and easy to use. We mounted solar panels on top of the roof rack spanning over our roof fans and it leaves plenty of room for lounging during our dinners and sunsets. It provides a great space for kicking back and relaxing outside in crowded places when you might not have room right outside your van. Or if you need that little extra boost of height to see over something to catch the view. love love love and cannot recommend this splurge enough :)

Thanks Eric,

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Safari Rack! Love the flare color combo as well.

Great addition to the van!

Was psyched to get it quick, ordered in a rush, installed, loaded up and left on 4000+ round trip from Utah to Michigan. Solid rack, solid ladder. nice work FVCO!

Hey Andrew,

Thanks so much for the support as well as the generous review and including those photos- we really appreciate it!

If you need anything from us in the future feel free to reach out.-

An awesome expansion of living and utility space

We installed the safari rack and ladder at my friend's warehouse utilizing their forklift and warehouse space which was very helpful. We've already used the ladder for a couple camping trips and we use it frequently for sporting events for my kids. Sitting on the roof is AMAZING and you get a nice breeze and view compared to sitting on the ground. The rack and ladder essentially expanded our living area!

Jim M.
A great rack and in stock

I went with this rack primarily because they had it in stock and others were months out. It arrived on time and in a solid crate. Instructions were okay, better information online from folks who have installed it. Cutting the whole for my fan was fairly easy, though I ended up cutting it a little tight and had to grind on it for a bit to make it fit. It bolted up to my 2020 Transit without a problem and the brackets for the awning worked as advertised. I am pretty happy with the end result, though it does make some noise when traveling at highway speed. I wish I had ordered the side ladder, it's a ling way up to the roof!

john k.


Rob K.
Top Quality Product, Service & In Stock!

Aside from the fact that FVCO has these solid racks in stock, which is huge in today's world, the safari rack (and ladder) can't be beat. A friend with a bobcat was able to get the huge pallet off the truck, lift the rack into place with straps, and we bolted it to our new Transit with no problems - total time was about 2 hours, which included some BS'ing. The rack is exactly what we needed for our professional off-road cycling team - it's going to provide a great lookout point, hold extra gear, maybe a tent, and definitely some light bars and a Fiamma awning. And the best part of all - the communication with the company was continuous, friendly and reliable. Hoping they come out with some more products for us to buy! Thanks FVCO 🤟🏼 (btw - also adding Method wheels, rear door spare wheel mount, brush bar with receiver)

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