Sprinter Rear Step

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Are you ready to upgrade your single side factory rear step? We’ve got you covered with our popular Sprinter rear step. Heavy Duty ¼” steel plate and a high grip powder coat finish upgrade the look and functionality of your Sprinter van.
The Sprinter Rear Step is designed to maintain enough space, so you can easily use your tow hitch. The rear step is only for vehicles with the hitch in place. It hides the hitch nicely as well, giving the back end of your Sprinter an upgraded look compared to the factory step.
The rear step itself is easy to install - on our last time trial we did it in 7 minutes. You remove the two bottom bolts from the current hitch, insert the step, and put the bolts back on. Please note that due to the way some hitches fit from van to van, you may not need the welded stud on the bottom of the FVC step. Some people like to add a small piece of rubber or foam there if it's close to the existing hitch.

Compatible: 2007-2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans with the hitch in place, but the  2019+ 4cyl gas Sprinters are not compatible at this time. 

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Sprinter Rear Step
FVC Sprinter Rear Step
Sprinter Rear Step
Sprinter Rear Step
FVC Sprinter Rear Step
Sprinter Rear Step

Customer Reviews

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Rear step is nothing short of awesome. It's solid, grippy, and sleek. Installation was a breeze using existing bolts from the hitch. Getting in an out of the rear is now much easier and safer, and I should have added this months ago.

Happy with my purchase

I just purchased and installed the Sprinter Rear Step on my 2019 MB Sprinter 170" extended 4x4. The install was very easy and the step fit perfectly over the top of the factory hitch. Very happy with my purchase as it makes getting in and out of the back of the van much easier.

Great rear step

Had the single sided factory rear step on my sprinter. Wasn’t cutting the mustard so I got this one from FVC. Super happy with it. Clean look. Easy install. Not too small not too big. I like that it maintains clear space at the tow hitch if I need that for various reasons. Notice it also makes as a nice footrest when sitting on the back of the van just hanging out. Very happy with it and would highly recommend it.

Put one on the Marketing Van!

We want to keep our marketing van under 20' because the Ferry up to Alaska has a 20' cut off before they charge almost double the price. This step is smaller than the stock step so it keeps your total length less than 20'. Strong, looks good, and easy install!

Rear step

All good - simple to install though it would have been good to have a one page guide to help