The Best Portable Fire Pits in 2024

If you are part of the ever-growing adventure van movement, it's best to plan and ensure that you have all the right accessories to support your travels. As we always say, adventure is best enjoyed in a van loaded up with the right gear!

There is no time like the present to start planning your van life trips, especially as summertime approaches. And what’s better for those summer nights when you are in the national parks or campgrounds than an actual campfire? Roasted marshmallows, campfire storytelling, starry skies, and pure magic as the moonlight shines down on you and your crew. 

That’s why we are here to help with all of your fire pit needs, especially helping you find one that will fit safely into your van

Why You Need a Portable Fire Pit

While you can go on your outdoor adventure and create your own campfire (weather and local regulations permitting), it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll have the space or the materials. That is where having a portable fire pit comes in handy. Not only does it create a cozy atmosphere in the area around your van, but it can bring the community around you together and help you create some of your best memories. 

But portable fire pits are good for more than year-round nighttime gatherings, and they are also a great way to make an outdoor extension for your campervan. While you may not have a spacious living room inside your van, you can certainly have one outside. Getting the evening going has never been easier with a portable fire pit. 

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a portable fire pit is that you can take it on any adventure. You can bring it with you when you are in the middle of a lush forest or on the coastline craving a seaside bonfire. 

Portable bonfires are an essential, must-have accessory for any van trip, and the best news is that they are easy to use and travel with. Plus, a range of options falls within any budget, too.  

Using a Portable Fire Pit for Grilling

Perhaps one of the best parts of a portable bonfire is that you can easily enjoy a backyard grill wherever you are in the world. If you are near a river or lake, you can grill your day's catch over your bonfire. You can also have a burger and steak night with your fellow van lifers. 

But the best type of food to enjoy by a portable bonfire are the camping essentials — s'mores. Nothing beats a roasted marshmallow between a slab of chocolate and two graham crackers, and the result is gooey dessert goodness that is simply too delicious to resist. 

Portable Fire Pits Make Camping Simple

Portable bonfires make your camping life more effortless. You don't need to waste time trying to set up a dry and level area to start your campfire. Instead, you can take your portable fire pit out of your van, set it up, add some wood, light it, and get instant satisfaction. 

You will have enough van admin to deal with during your adventures. Building the perfect fire doesn't need to be one of them. The portable options below allow you to get an almost instant campfire and comfort every night, no matter what.

Are Portable Fire Pits Good for Adventure Vans & Van Life?

If you are concerned about whether portable fire pits are suitable for your adventure van, let us reassure you. They are one of the best outdoor accessory additions you can make. 

Portable fire pits are easy to travel with, lightweight so they won’t weigh you down, and essentially dummy-proof. You don’t have to have a campfire badge from the Boy Scouts to work these van accessories successfully.  

Our Picks for Portable Fire Pits

Now that we’ve convinced you about all the perks of a portable fire pit, here are some of the best options out there.

The Primus Kamoto Openfire Pit: Affordable and Eco-Friendly

This Primus option was invented in Sweden and can make delicious pizzas, barbeques, etc.

We all love an eco-friendly setup, and this Openfire Pit ticks all the boxes when it comes to that aspect. It is easy to set up, equally simple to collapse, and easily transportable. 

If you decide to go with this option, you can have the luxury of choosing to burn either wood or charcoal. It even comes with an ashtray, so you can leave a no-trace campsite when you pack up. 

The stainless steel material makes this investment long-lasting, and the grill gate and windshields have been tested and proven to be extra reliable. 

Primus Komoto Firepit

The Biolite FirePit+: Versatile and High-Quality

The Biolite FirePit+ is another highly innovative fire pit to consider. Not only can you cook practically anything you want on this bad boy, but you can also control it via Bluetooth on your phone. Camping just got a whole lot more high-tech!

The ability to instantly disconnect the power and pack it up in your van makes this appealing. And of all the parts of this firepit, the burn chamber is perhaps one of the best. It is easy to discard all the ash and ensure that you do not create a mess. 

Plus, the battery that powers this fire can run for up to 30 hours before you need to charge it again. There is a reason van lifers are going crazy for this option. 

Biolite Camp Stove

The Wolf and Grizzly Folding Fire Pit: Compact and Easy To Carry

The Wolf and Grizzly Folding Fire Pit is likely your best bet if you want an extremely portable fire pit. It is super lightweight, and the frame folds up with minimal effort. 

Another significant aspect of this design is that it has been built for efficiency. You do not have to use a lot of fuel to light a fire on this pit. The frames used are designed to optimize the airflow and allow for the most natural fire possible. 

Best of all, they offer a replacement guarantee you can tap into. If a part of this fire pit does not work correctly, the company will take care of it and replace it for you free of charge. 

Wolf & Grizzley Firepit

The Solo Stove Ranger Bonfire: Perfect for Journeys on Your Own

If it is just you in your van adventure, the Solo Stove Ranger Bonfire is probably the most practical bonfire to get. It’s small and compact but gets the job done. Van lifers all rave about how much heat this option can produce in such a small space. 

Solostove Ranger

The Radiate Portable Campfire: A Solid Disposable Option

You may recognize this one from Shark Tank! Invented to make bonfires as easy as ever when camping, the Radiate Portable Campfire is one of the smartest purchases you can make if you are looking for a single use option that won’t take up much space in your van. 

Radiate Campfire

Summing Up

There are so many great bonfire options to choose from. Which one will you try out on your next adventure?


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