Sprinter Bed System - Standard Bed 3 Panel
Sprinter bed system - standard 3-panel - top view
Sprinter bed system - standard 3-panel - side rail
Sprinter Bed System - Flarespace 2 Panel
Sprinter Bed System - Flarespace 2 Panel - top view
Sprinter Bed System - Flarespace 2 Panel - Side rail
3-panel Sprinter Bed System
Van Bed System - Sprinter with Flarespace
Van Bed System - Removable Panels
Aluminum Bed Panels - Adventure Van
Bed System with Flatline Logo
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Sprinter Bed System

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Adventure. Sleep. Repeat. Our Sprinter Bed is designed to help you do just that. Ditch the saggy plywood bed frame and upgrade your van and your sleep with one of our Sprinter Beds. Top it off with our Sprinter mattress for the ultimate in comfort. 

The Sprinter van bed is available in two models that are both DIY-mount and Adventure Wagon compatible. Select the 3-panel option (Standard) or the 2-panel option (Flarespace).

Our Sprinter Bed Systems are easy to install, and you can mount them up to 50” off the floor, so you can choose to set up your bed according to your preferred sleeping height. We’ve had customers mount it as high as possible to gain more storage in their garage area for mountain bikes or even add additional sleeping space directly underneath the bed.

The bed panels are made with 3/16" aluminum that's laser cut, formed, and powder-coated black. Our laser-cut pattern helps keep everything lightweight and robust. Each bed platform panel has l track cutouts that allow you to hang accessories directly underneath the bed. Large hand-sized cutouts make the panels easy to handle and provide ample ventilation to the bottom of your mattress, decreasing the likelihood of moisture being trapped. The bed panels are designed to be removed if desired when not in use, or you can stack the panels onto the rear panel to create more space. 

The bed rails are 12 GA powder-coated steel and have various hole options to make fine-tuning your desired height easy and accommodate multiple mounting options. This bed comes ready to install with detailed installation instructions, but please double-check your measurements before mounting.

Please read the descriptions below for more information about our modular bed system, or contact us at support@flatlinevanco.com and we will be happy to chat about your Sprinter van bed needs. 

Standard 3-Panel Bed - DIY and Adventure Wagon Compatible 

Our versatile 3-panel Sprinter Bed System features mounting holes for a DIY install and full compatibility with Adventure Wagon interior kits. For a DIY mount, it’s designed to mount up to 50” in height, and it has 3x laser-cut aluminum panels and steel bed rails.

The bed panels can be configured for a 72" long bed or a 75" long bed for taller people. Select the mounting slots for either option when putting the panels in place. Refer to the installation instructions for more information

Flarespace 2-Panel Bed - DIY and Adventure Wagon Compatible

We designed the Flarespace compatible bed system so you can sleep sideways in your Sprinter van! If you already have a Sprinter equipped with Flarespace, you can easily mount this 2-panel bed system to gain more usable real estate in your van for sleeping sideways. This bed system features mounting holes for a DIY install and full compatibility with Adventure Wagon interior kits. 

  • 2 Removable Bed Panels Included
  • Designed for Sprinter Vans with Flarespace
  • Total Bed Panel Dimensions: 60" long by 65.5" wide
  • View the Installation Guide »


  • 2007+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Phillip M.
Game Changer

This bed system is so rad. I have the L-track system installed in my van. It took me like 30 minutes tops to install. It doubles the space instantly. Now we’ve got s sleeping space up top snd a sleeping/storage space below. Definitely worth it!!!

Matthew G.
2022 Sprinter bed system

Decided to go with the modular bed system because I can take the 2 piece bed out when needed while leaving the frame in place. Excellent quality. Smooth to the touch. Extremely easy install with rivnuts. Very little deflection when laying on it.

Cristina O.

We really enjoy the bed.

Fred T.
Sprinter Bed System - DIY

First indication that this was going to go well was the packaging: top notch, this prevented any of the components from being damaged (always a good thing).
My installation is complete and it went well.
One thought: Is it possible for you guys to put together a series of pictures with different applications/ installations of a specific product and detail the pitfalls and benefits of a given installation?
Kind of a why and when you might choose certain placement, height, etc.


Hey Fred,

Thanks so much for the support and detailed feedback - we really appreciate it! I have passed this recommendation upwards and I agree, that could make a lot of sense as a support document.

Let us know if you need anything in the future - support@flatlinevanco.com

Mike S.
Great Company, Great Product!

My bed system came quickly and the quality of the build was beautiful. They make great gear. Not knowing where to start or about rivnuts, I reached out to them by telephone. Russell, took 20 minutes on the phone going over everything. Then he went and picked up his sprinter after an oil change and sent me detailed pics of how he installed his bed. Two days later, I have this beautiful rugged bed in my sprinter and learned a few new skills. I will definitely be buying more FVC Gear as my budget allows over time. Something to be said for customer service these days and FVC has it!

Hey Mike,

Thank you so much for the support and detailed review - it means a lot to us and goes a long way. We are pumped to hear that the bed is installed and set up to your liking!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else :)

Joe K.
Fast shipping. Responsive customer service.

Quality merch. Fast shipping. Good follow thru.

Hey Joe,

Thank you for your order and support as well as the generous review; we really appreciate it :)

Let us know if you need anything moving forward.

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