How to use the Fiamma F45 & F80 Awnings

We love being outside, which sometimes means dealing with some intense sun, rain showers, or even snow. Rather than feeling stuck inside or chasing shade further away from the van than we’d like, we like to use an awning to protect ourselves from the elements.

In the last ten years of owning Sprinter vans, we’ve found that the awnings made by Fiamma are an ideal choice. They work great, are easy to use, and allow for a close fit to the van - and why we offer Fiamma awnings to our customers.

Not sure how the awning works, or which one to pick? We hope the info below will help!

How to deploy your Fiamma Awning

  1. Close the van doors.
  2. Connect the hook on the end of the crank to the awning.
  3. Partially deploy the awning about halfway, or just enough so you (or your helping hands) can reach the front of the awning to access the legs.
  4. Pop out the legs by grabbing them near the hinge-joint, and pulling towards you/the van so you can fold them out to adjust.
  5. Extend the legs out so they’re slightly angled (the foot of each leg should be further from the van than the half-deployed awning) - this way, the let the legs take the weight of the awning as you roll out the rest.
  6. Continue rolling out the awning with the crank.
  7. Adjust leg placement and height as needed.

How to put away your Fiamma Awning

  1. Close the van doors.
  2. If you are using a support arm, remove it.
  3. If you are using the side mounts, remove the legs from the side mounts and set them on the ground.
  4. Connect the hook on the end of the crank to the awning.
  5. Wind up the awning about halfway, enough so you can reach the front of the awning.
  6. Shorten each leg all the way, fold up, and push back into the front.
  7. Continue rolling up the awning with the crank until the red flag is no longer visible.
  8. Store your crank and support arm inside your van.

Pro Tips for your Fiamma Awning

  • Close the van doors near your awning before deploying or putting away your awning.
  • When considering an awning and roof rack for your van, make sure the setup allows the awning to be close enough to the van so there is no gap that weather can get through.
  • Choose a manual awning over automatic - Automatic awnings are simple to use, but manual awnings allow you to easily adjust the height and angle to better block out that early morning/late afternoon sun and let rain roll right off.
  • Use pegs or a tie-down system to secure the awning feet to the ground.
  • Use the side mounts Fiamma includes so you always have an easy place to secure the awning legs to your van.
  • The Fiamma awnings are easy to deploy and put away by yourself, but extra hands are helpful and make it even easier.

Awning FAQ’s

Which awning should I get?

It depends on the van as well as the roof rack. Check out our Awning Compatibility Guide here. 

What's the difference between the Fiamma F45S and F80S awnings?

The Fiamma F45S and F80S awnings are very similar awnings, but the way they mount and install differs. The F45S is a side-mount/wall-mount style awning, mounting onto a vertical surface, like a wall. The F80S is a bottom-mount style awning, mounting onto a horizontal surface, like Sprinter roof rails.

Can I mount the Fiamma F80S directly onto my Sprinter van roof rails? 

Yes, the Fiamma F80S we sell includes the mounting components you need to install the F80S directly onto the OEM roof rails* of 2007 and newer Sprinter vans**. If you decide you want to install a roof rack later, the F80S will be compatible with our Sprinter Low Pro Roof Rack for High Roof vans when using our Fiamma F80S Awning Kit

*We have found aftermarket roof rails will not fit.

**Sorry, the F80S is not compatible with Transit or Promaster vans (for those, you will want the F45S and a compatible roof rack to mount it on).

Can I mount the Fiamma F45S directly onto my Sprinter, Transit, or Promaster van?

We recommend installing the F45S onto a secure base, like a roof rack. The F45S we sell includes the mounting components needed to install the F45S directly onto our Sprinter Standard Roof Racks, Transit Low Pro Roof Racks, and Promaster Low Pro Roof Racks, which all have pre-installed mounts for the F45S awning.


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  • Charlotte Barling

    I have won an F45s awning but don’t think it’s compatible with my van. I have a vauxhall movano 2017 mwb medium height van which I am converting. I presume I need a roof mounted awning not a wall mounted one.( I have the option to take a cash alternative which I could put towards the right awning for my van) Can you mount straight onto the roof or does it have to go onto roof bars?
    Advice gratefully received

    Flatline Van Co replied:
    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to say but we don’t really know anything about the vauxhall vans. It looks a lot like a ProMaster and if you are wanting to mount and awning to a ProMaster you do need a roof rack to make things a lot easier on yourself.

    The F80 awning is a “Roof” mounted awning designed to work in the roof rails of the MB Sprinter van. Any other other van will need a roof rack on the roof to mount an F45 (aka a “Wall” mount awning). Unless you want to drill through the body of the van you will need a roof rack.

    Kind Regards,


  • Kevin Gosling

    We have an F80S fitted to a motorhome. Can we fit sides and ends to enclose awning area? If so, availability and cost please .

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