What Are the Best Hiking Apps in 2024?

After a long day of driving in your adventure van, you might be itching to hop out of the car, immerse yourself in nature, and get your legs moving. 

Hiking is one of the simplest outdoor activities and can be done at almost any outdoor destination. We are sure you are familiar with hunting for the best trail and tracking your progress somehow. 

There’s no need to endlessly scroll on the internet to find your next favorite hiking trail. You don’t have to write down your finished routes in your notes app, let alone print out a paper map. 

Instead, consider downloading a hiking app designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a place to find new routes, keep track of their favorite paths, and stay up-to-date on hiking conditions and safety concerns. 

There are countless hiking apps to choose from. To save you the time of sorting through them all, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite options that will give you everything you need. 

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What Are the Best Hiking Apps To Try in 2024?

For the experienced hikers who are looking for a better way to track your longest and most challenging trails, or for the beginner hikers who are looking for a way to track your progress, these are the apps for you!


Many hikers are probably familiar with the AllTrails platform, which is available on iPhones and Android devices. 

AllTrails has been a reliable source for looking up the difficulty and details of trails all over the country for over a decade. Now, they offer an app that will take your trail knowledge to the next level and prepare you for your next long-distance hike.

AllTrails features free and subscription-based (AllTrails Pro) access to the app, so you can choose which is suitable for you. The free version features the ability to search over 300,000 trails across the country and filter based on experience, elevation gain, type of landscape, etc. 

You can save your favorite trails, access topographic maps online, and track your activity by marking which trails you have, describing the conditions, and adding photos. 

The subscription-based access allows you to download available maps offline, which will be handy for hikes without service. 

Additionally, the maps are handy because they feature information about air quality, pollution, heat, and more. There is an alert system to keep you on track and a lifeline feature that lets you keep your loved ones updated on your hiking location, which is essential for dangerous trails. 

This app allows you to connect with other hikers to share your experiences, get advice, and even make new outdoorsy or weekend warrior friends. 


Have you ever been on a hike, encountered an unexpected elevation gain, or were unaware of surrounding mountain peaks? It can be frustrating to feel like you don’t know what to expect on a trail, so PeakVisor is on a mission to ensure you have a tool always to know what’s to come. 

This app is for you if you need a way to identify the mountain peaks around you. 

Open your camera and point it towards a mountain top, and the 3D map will show you the name of the peak, the height, the best time to summit, etc. Additionally, you can search for various ridges and mountains in the search bar to get information on hiking routes, locations, and elevation gains. 

You can plug in the name or coordinates of any mountain peak or hiking destination. The app will provide a custom hiking route with a 3D image of what to expect on the trail. 

Lastly, you can log the mountains, alpine huts, and lakes you have passed by, giving you an easy way to track your progress.


If you are most interested in planning your hiking route, try out Komoot. This navigation app is incredibly user-friendly and has a thorough list of localized routes already built-in. For the free version of Komoot, you will have access to route building in a single region, which is generally as large as a single city.

You can build custom hiking paths and download offline maps in your region. You can even employ the voice navigation system, and this can help reduce the chance of getting lost.

If you subscribe to the paid version of Komoot, you have the option to expand your maps to include more regions and even switch between different sports. You can include a multi-day planner, which is ideal for backpackers. You can view your entire itinerary on one screen and make any necessary changes as you go.

Also included in the premium version is a built-in tracker you can share with anyone, ensuring your safety on a multi-day hike. Check in on the premium weather conditions tab, which will give you forecast-based recommendations and hints as to what to expect on your hike.

Google Maps

One of the best parts of using Google Maps for an upcoming hike is that you probably already have it on your phone and don’t need to download anything else. Google Maps conveniently has an extensive collection of hiking trails stored in its database, so you shouldn’t have a problem pulling up any commonly used routes. 

You can download maps to use offline, which will come in handy if you are exploring remote areas. Google maps will come in handy when finding near

OS Maps

One of the best parts of using Google Maps for an upcoming hike is that For an easy-to-use GPS app that is perfect for all hikers or trail walkers, download OS Maps. Designed for users in Great Britain, this app offers access to GB-wide basic mapping with the free version of the app. You can create your own routes and share them with your friends in the app.

Once you have created or saved your desired route, you can watch yourself make progress along the path using their GPS tracking services and follow the arrow showing your location in the app.

Suppose you want a more thorough app experience. In that case, you can download the premium version to gain access to Explorer and Landranger mapping as well as a 3D flythrough of any selected area, giving you a better idea of elevation gains and route obstacles.

You can only view one trail at a time, so you won’t be able to reference a larger hiking network while on your path. Additionally, you are limited by the size of the trail map you are downloading, so this app is best for hikers pursuing shorter, frequently trafficked routes.


CalTopo is one of the most popular options for hikers looking to create and upload their own custom routes.

The app requires a subscription, but you have various access and price options. You can create custom routes on your desktop and sync them to the app or create them on your phone. Using coordinates, specific destinations, or fragments of multiple established hikes, you can forge your own path that is safe and accessible.

Add notes on your map, which will be helpful once you are on the trail. Mark points of interest, steep elevation climbs, water sources, and more. Once you have created the desired route, download them on your phone for offline use during long treks.

Not only can you build custom routes with CalTopo, but you can also create custom maps filled with multiple routes, directions to campsites, and more. You can save these maps for future use or share them with a friend visiting an area you mapped out.

Hiking Project

If you prefer to only go on hikes with certain features, Hiking Project is one of the best free hiking apps to help you find the perfect route.

Everything on this app is accessible with a free download and does not require upgrade purchases or subscriptions. Once you have the app, take advantage of community-sources content that will guide you to your ideal hiking list.

Sort through descriptions, reviews, and images published by other hikers and vetted by the Hiking Project team. You will get a thorough rundown of a hiking trail: viewpoints, elevation gains, highlights, obstacles, and more.

This living guidebook will be the perfect tool for finding reliable routes that offer top-of-the-line views and challenges that meet your unique skill level.


Gaia is known in the hiking community as one of the best navigation maps out there, even compared to handheld GPS systems. Once you pick your hiking destination, you can choose between 100 maps according to the type, activity, and area you are hiking.

These maps can show you, in detail, elevation gains, trail conditions, weather forecasts, etc. Choose between satellite, road, or aviation maps, and even choose sport-related maps such as hiking, off-road, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, and more. 

To create a route, plug in a destination or specific coordinates. The app will create the safest and the best way forward. If you enjoyed a certain hiking destination or custom route, you could save them to your account to easily reaccess them in the future.

You don’t have to worry about losing cell service on the hike since a section of their maps can be downloaded for offline use. Some of these features are only available to premium members, which can be purchased with a $39.99 in-app purchase once a year. 

If you are beginning a backpacking trip or are starting a hike in a remote location, you can rely on the advanced in-app GPS to ensure you always know where you are in real-time. 


If you are looking for a simple one-stop shop for hiking app essentials, FarOut might be for you. Here, you can find a map, compass, guidebook, and water sources report in one convenient, easy-to-use location. It is most commonly used for thru-hikes and has an extensive collection of long trails already stored in the app.

After planning your thru-hike, the app will constantly update you with important information about trail conditions, which will keep your journey safe. You can also use the map offline, ensuring you are always hiking with a guide.

As you walk along your route, the app will also identify critical points along the trail, such as water sources, lookout points, spots for wildlife sightings, etc. It will track your elevation as you walk and give you a look at what is to come for the rest of your hike.

If you are beginning a backpacking trip or are starting a hike in a remote location, you can rely on the advanced in-app GPS to ensure you always know where you are in real-time.

Avenza Maps

For backcountry hikers looking for a reliable GPS hiking app that will guide their hike, try out Avenza Maps. Once you have your hiking destination picked out, you can upload your own map that you created or use one of their pre-stored trail guides.

The free version of this app allows you to create and use up to three maps, with more being allowed for pro version subscribers. However, compared to other apps, Avenza has a slight advantage in the number of maps offered in the free version. 

Avenza partners with various nonprofits, such as the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, and small businesses so their users can take advantage of specific and unique maps. This allows hikers who enjoy less popular routes or areas to use specified and accurate maps that would not otherwise be available to them. 


To remember your favorite hikes and share your progress in a straightforward and exciting way, you will enjoy Relive. 

Relive creates 3D videos of your hike that you can share with others or save to revisit whenever you want. The app will highlight certain moments along your trek, such as when you stopped to take a photo, elevation gain, speed, overall finish time, and more. 

One of the best features of this app is how easy it is to use: start recording at the beginning of your hike and leave it until you are finished with your journey. After ending the recording, click “Create Your Video,” and your creation will start loading. 

Since the app automatically uploads and utilizes photos you took during your hike, it also allows you to select or deselect specific photos. 

Once your video is created, before it is officially finished, you can scroll through your journey and add emojis or notes at specific points. You can focus on highlighting difficult moments, beautiful views, wildlife sightings, and anything else you want to include.

After completing the video, you can share it with your friends in the app or send it to your loved ones, allowing everyone to visualize your journey in three dimensions. 

onX Backcountry 

onX offers several different apps for adventurers, including an app for snowmobiling and off-roading, a hunting app, and a backcountry hiking app. The latter is a GPS navigation app designed for hikers, skiers, and snowboarders. One of the unique features of this app is its map overlay functionality.

The backcountry app has a precise GPS navigation system that can display your exact real-time location, even while offline. Additionally, their custom or pre-loaded maps only take a few minutes to download for offline use without cell coverage. 

For safety reasons, you can share your favorite routes with your friends on the app, but your friends won’t be able to share them further. 

If you have taken a road trip to a new area and are looking for the most popular routes, you can overlay your geographic map with a heat-coloring map that displays the most trafficked routes. You can create your own routes in the app using coordinates or pinpoint destinations. 

This app was clearly made by hikers, for hikers, as it displays all of the essentials along and nearby a selected hike. You can find rest stops, laundry services, drinking water, showers, and more. It provides up-to-date information on nearby air quality measurements, fire danger ratings, and smoke conditions. 

onX Backcountry is available on Google Play and the App Store. 


Trailforks is another one-stop shop for everything needed for a successful hike, emphasizing safety concerns.

Load your daily hikes, check your location with their GPS services, and get a picture of the trail network around you. This feature is helpful because it gives your options if you aren’t enjoying the trail you planned for the day or if you accidentally stray off the route and need another way to get back. 

You can use the app's Emergency Info page if you find yourself seriously lost with no way to get back to safety. This page provides your exact GPS location to emergency responders. The app will also alert you of any safety hazards or obstacles in your planned route, so you can decide whether to keep or change your route. 

You can watch yourself move on the detailed maps and save your favorite routes once you are finished. Additionally, suppose you are looking at an entire network of trials. In that case, they are color-coded based on difficulty, ensuring you don’t accidentally end up on a path above your skill level. 

The best part of the app is that every service comes with a free download — no subscriptions needed.


If you prefer to hike off the beaten path, you will love BRMB Maps. 

Designed for backroad adventures, this app is designed to help you plan an outdoor experience that is safe, unique, and exciting. You can read the POI descriptions, download maps for offline use, create custom routes, read or write reviews of backcountry areas, and join a community of hikers, all within the app. 

While hiking, you can check elevation profiles on new trails, distance to summits, nearby water sources, wildlife sightings, and more. Lastly, you can overlay unique maps to better understand snowmobiling, ATV, and mountain biking trails. 

Map My Run by Under Armour

If you are interested in tracking your progress or fitness levels while hiking or trail running, download Map My Run by Under Armour. MapMyRun is designed to track your split times, calories burned, speed/pace, and distance traveled. This is helpful for those looking to track their health and fitness while hiking. 

MapMyRoute will save your routes, meaning you can revisit your favorite hikes just by following the pre-saved path in the app. 

You can also search for new hiking routes in your area and save them to the app to use offline. Your location will be tracked during each hike, giving you the ability to check where you are and giving your loved ones the ability to access your location in case of emergencies. 

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Enhance Your Next Hike With Innovative Apps

Hiking is a well-loved activity by many outdoor enthusiasts — and with good reason. It is one of the best ways to admire the local scenery, work out, and immerse yourself in nature. There is no better feeling than reaching the summit of your hike, breathing in the fresh air, taking in the views, and feeling like you are one with nature. 

We encourage you to take your hiking experience to the next level by using one of these great hiking apps. Finding new routes, tracking your location, saving custom paths, and being notified of obstacles or highlights on your route are just some of the hiking app features worth trying.

After downloading the hiking app that is best for you, load up on any adventure van gear necessary from Flatline Van Co., pack your bags, and hit the road. A whole world of trails is out there waiting for you!


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