The Best Camping Chairs in 2024

This summer, there is no better activity to do than go camping. If you have always longed to go camp under the stars at Big Sur or hike at sunset in Sedona, 2024 is the year. 

But the list of bucket list camping spots does not stop there, nor does the endless places for camping in state parks and beyond. 

Whether you are planning a backcountry camping adventure or simply planning a quick beach camping getaway for you and your kids, you'll need one essential on your camping packing list: quality and lightweight chairs.

You will be spending your days roughing it out in the wilderness and exerting a ton of physical energy. So you will want nothing but the best camping chairs to sit back and relax in for the rest of the day. 

There are many different options when it comes to ensuring that you feel comfortable and well-supported as you travel freely. We share everything you need to know about the most comfortable camping chairs.

Best Camping Chairs 2022

Are High-Quality Camping Chairs Better?

So there is often a familiar debate about quality versus price point. When it comes to high-quality camping chairs, we tend to sway towards the more comfortable ones providing the best overall experience. However, any chair for your outdoor adventures is better than having to resort to sitting on a log or, even worse, the ground. 

You’ll want to get a camping chair that provides you with several different uses and for multiple occasions. High-quality portable camping chairs can easily double as chairs to bring to outdoor concerts or soccer games, along with those days at the beach. They equally should act as great chairs to use should you need extra when having company over for dinner. 

A Heavy-Duty Camping Chair Is Ideal for Your Outdoor Adventures

While there are a ton of van accessories for comfort, one at the top of most people’s lists is quality camping chairs. These are not your average backpacking chairs.

They are made with different materials that are both durable and primed for outdoor conditions. They can take a bit of dirt on and still look great; they are water-resistant, packable, and a camping trip essential. 

Do High-Quality Camping Chairs Last Longer?

In general, the higher-quality camping chairs will last longer. The best make camping chairs for both you and even chairs for kids for those family-friendly camping trips.

While the highest quality chairs do not necessarily need to be the most expensive, a higher price point often indicates that the chair was made with higher quality. You will likely get more longevity from it than ones of lower quality.

The Best Camping Chairs for 2023: Our Picks

When it comes to finding the best camping chair for you, make sure to do your research to ensure that it suits your body type and camping style so you can stay comfortable.

YETI Trailhead: Comfortable and Ready for Adventure

This camping chair was designed for adventure and is beloved within the camping community. These chairs were even tested to hold up a weight capacity of 500 pounds, and they were still able to stand (or sit) firm! 

This folding camp chair comes from the creators of the beloved YETI cooler, complete with a drink holder for the drink or Cerveza of your choice. 

The YETI folding chair was designed with campers in mind and for any adventure. 

You could easily sit in it all day long, like your favorite lounge chair. It is no surprise it is one of the most popular luxury camping chair options amongst campers. 

YETI Trailhead Camping Chair

The Nemo Stargaze Luxury Recliner Chair: The Comfiest Option We’ve Found

Have you ever wanted the comfort of a hammock, in the version of an easy to set up chair?

One of the biggest perks of camping is that you can go stargazing. This ultralight chair is designed to let you enjoy the night sky without hurting your neck. It is made to recline back in a slow and controlled motion easily and has a headrest that allows you to stare at the stars for hours. 

Even though foldable Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury can rock, it is equally stable and can be placed on various surfaces that include sand and gravel. This makes it the perfect companion for your outdoor camping adventures. Do not be surprised if you wake up having fallen asleep in it — it might be more comfortable than your sleeping bag. 

Keep your hot cocoa in the no-spill cup holders and put your marshmallows in the side pocket as you lounge by the fire pit. With this collapsible rocker, who needs a hammock?

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair

GCI Outdoor Eazy Chair : Best Budget Camping Chair

You don't have to break the bank to find a high-quality chair. This high-back version provides the same type of lumbar and back support that the other ones do, and it also offers a similar kind of durability but for a much more affordable price.

While not a luxury chair, this chair isn't just designated to your camping gear checklist. It makes a great beach chair, just as it does on camping trips.

It's not the lightest chair or lounger, it does include its own carry bag and is effortless to set up.

This chair's material is nylon, breathable mesh, and waterproof. Some have tested it with up to 250 pounds and found it still stands strong, thanks to its quality frame.  

GCi Eazy Chair

How Do You Pack Camping Chairs for a Road Trip?

So now that you have found your chairs, how do you pack them for a road trip? If you are taking your adventure van, the good news is this should not be an issue.

Because they fold up easily, they should be able to slide into a long and narrow storage space or our pull out tray for easy access. They can also stack on top of each other if you need to.

How To Load Your Gear in a Camper Van

When packing all your gear in a camper van, you want to put the sturdiest and most durable gear on the bottom. Double-check that your chair can handle substantial weight. If so, they usually are good to put on the bottom. 

Can You Strap Camping Chairs to Your Roof Rack?

You can strap your camping chairs to your roof rack as a last resort if you are short on space, although we don't recommend it. Camping chairs are likely able to go in their carry bag and be folded down to a compact size, making them relatively easy to secure in place. 

Since the chairs are also made of durable and weatherproof materials, it should not be too risky to have on top of your van. Even if you hit a rough patch of weather, it should still hold up okay in the rain or snow, with the carry case protecting it from the elements and allowing you to still sit in a dry chair when you arrive at your destination. 

Get Ready To Hit the Road

With your quality camping chairs in tow, you are now ready to hit the road for an adventure of a lifetime. What chairs will you be bringing with you? Regardless of what one you choose, enjoy sitting back and relaxing in the great outdoors!



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