Side Ladder - Transit 148” High Roof

Ford Transit Side Ladder

The Transit Side Ladder for the 148 High Roof is now available. After spending months of R&D working on this ladder system, it’s finally ready for the market, and we are excited about it! This product kicks off the first of many new upgrades we are working on for Transit Adventure Vans. Stay tuned for more interior and exterior upgrades coming in 2021. 

The Transit Side Ladder is designed to bolt directly into our Low Pro Roof Rack for easy installation and a sleek look. The side ladder is made from 1.25” aluminum round tube with formed aluminum steps, and it breaks down into two pieces, so it can ship directly to your door. Because it’s designed to bolt directly into the Low Pro Series Roof Rack, installation is quick and easy.

You can learn more about the Transit Side Ladder here.  

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